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Dorfner Growth Initiative “Momentum 2025”

The Dorfner group of companies has been facing the changes that the rapid switch in labor and the economy brings, in the framework of the growth initiative Momentum 2025 since October 2020.

“To be prepared for the challenges of the future and to make Dorfner sustainably competitive, we are going full force now already to gain momentum. This includes getting better today and designing the tomorrow at the same time.” CEO Mirko Mondan uses these words to describe this process, which will last at least into 2022.

The goal of the growth initiative is to drive the competitiveness of the group of companies as well as to secure Dorfner’s future sustainably and to design it in an active manner. Here all employees of the entire company group assume a central role. Different subjects will be worked on together in the course of numerous interviews, workshops and online surveys.

In addition to extensive strategic considerations and planning, new guidelines for leadership and cooperation at Dorfner will be compiled – in cooperation with all management employees. The following guidelines will make up a fixed and lived part of Dorfner’s corporate culture:

Thanks to the extraordinary engagement of all parties involved, the first changes were already initiated and implemented within the past weeks and months. CEO Mirko Mondan is therefore very proud of the performance of the entire Dorfner team and is looking forward to a bright future.

Sabine Hörig