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Recertified: TÜV audit 2022

Dorfner is a certified company that undergoes regular audits. In 2022, a comprehensive recertification was due, which was passed with flying colors.

Dorfner is a company certified under DIN EN ISO 9001/2015 (quality management), 14001/2015 (environmental management) and 50001/2018 (energy management). However, certifications obtained in the past are not an “lifelong ticket”. They have a period of validity of three years. Compliance with the quality standards is also closely monitored between audits. Annual monitoring audits are carried out by certification partner TÜV Nord in accordance with the standard specifications of the systems. Demonstrating continuous improvement is particularly important here.

Now, in the third year of certification and after two monitoring audits, Dorfner was due for a comprehensive, complete recertification. We were able to successfully prove that we continue to meet the holistic system requirements and have earned the recertification. This success is based on the holistic improvement of our operational organization in terms of product and service quality, the environmental impact of our operations and the energy efficiency of our company. That’s something to be proud of!

Erich Zielbauer