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Welcome to the team! New trainees get started

On 1 September 2020, five new colleagues started their training at Dorfner: from left to right Katerina Weiss and Sabrina Schulz (industrial clerks), Lea Kern (chemical laboratory technician), Hanna Lederer (mechatronics technician) and Nico Schübel (electronics technician for industrial engineering).

The first day of training began with a warm welcome from Dorfner’s managing director, Mr. Mondan, the trainer responsible for all trainees, Ms. Moniz-Furtado, and Dr. Haus, managing director of ANZAPLAN.

This was followed by a safety briefing, which is of fundamental importance in a large manufacturing company like Dorfner. Then there was a tour through the new Dorfner laboratories and detailed presentation of the key production steps and locations to introduce the value creation processes at Dorfner. Lots of input and information for a first day at work – not least because of the countless new faces that introduced themselves during the day.

After refreshments in the canteen, a factory tour followed, which was unfortunately limited in extent due to the current Corona measures. At the end of the day, organizational questions were finally on the agenda. Report books, sick notes, contact persons: No trainee question went unanswered.

Afterwards the chairman of the works council, Mr. Scherer, works councilor Ms. Scherer and youth spokesman Niklas Spies introduced themselves to us.

On behalf of all apprentices, we thank you for the warm welcome. We are looking forward to our training here at Dorfner.

Sabrina Schulz / Katerina Weiss