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Electric mobility is on everybody’s lips. Various vehicle manufacturers now offer a range of hybrid and electric models. Dorfner and its employees have a keen interest in e-mobility with regard to future company cars. It was a great pleasure for me to slip into the role of a pioneer for Dorfner and experience electromobility for the first time.

Because I travel a lot, I decided on a plug-in hybrid vehicle. An electric motor is used in this vehicle alongside an internal combustion engine. The car can also be driven purely electrically thanks to a large battery. Another plus is that the state offers tax incentives for the use of such vehicles. The charging infrastructure, which is still inadequate, and the long charging times were the reasons why I did not choose a purely electric car.

My conclusion: I love driving electric! So quiet, so nimble! It feels a bit like bumper cars at the funfair (without the “bumping”, of course). Regarding the range and charging time, there are of course restrictions and significant upward potential. But this is par for the course with comparatively new technologies.

When making the decision to opt for partially electrically powered company vehicles, Dorfner naturally also considered charging infrastructure at the plant location. Mr. Gernhuber and Mr. Bauer arranged for the construction of a charging station. At the newly installed charging station, two electric vehicles can now be charged at the same time at a charging capacity of up to 22 kW.

The project was realized in collaboration with MVV Enamic. This service provider takes care of the exact billing of the amount of electricity consumed per vehicle. Drivers are also able to locate and use public charging stations throughout Germany using an app.

My conclusion: A successful project for an electrified future at Dorfner!

Maximilian Holler / Thomas Gernhuber