You are currently viewing Innoveo and Dorfner in the UK market – a success story

Innoveo and Dorfner in the UK market – a success story

The Innoveo company is a long-term partner of Dorfner in the United Kingdom. Our experience report shows how cooperation and dialog in our daily business as well as in exceptional situations can also lead to success.

Dorfner has been supplying highly specialized fillers for flooring, compound materials and paints to England for many years. Ms. Emel Jami, owner of Innoveo, represents Dorfner as a direct contact for the customers in Great Britain and Ireland. This allows us to offer our customers such a high level of service for so many years.

In daily business, Dorfner/Innoveo is able to respond to the market requirements very quickly. Innoveo, with Ms. Emel Jami, is the contact for local customers. This has proven to be very helpful during our long-term cooperation over and over again. The market share was expanded step by step.

In cooperation with their customers, Innoveo/Dorfner has developed a warehousing concept that allows them to handle deliveries in a very short-term manner. The UK market is very service-oriented. Short delivery times are extremely important to be able to stay competitive. Along with Heinloth, UK, Dorfner runs a delivery warehouse in Rochdale near Manchester. The stocked quantities are consistently being adapted to the current needs of the end customer.

For the construction chemicals field, especially in the field of industry flooring, there is a special interest group in England. FeRFA, ( the association of industrial flooring in the UK, is the only one of its kind worldwide. We have already reported about FeRFA, „The RESIN FLOORING ASSOCIATION“. Ms. Emel Jami has also been a council member for many years, and is very well networked with construction chemicals manufacturers and installation specialists for the highest quality industrial flooring.

In addition to daily business tasks, there will always be special challenges for markets and industries. We would like to use the example of the yearlong discussions about the “Brexit”, the exit of UK states from the EU, at the end of 2020. The customers, Innoveo, as well as the logistics, Sales for interior sales and exterior sales at Dorfner have worked together outstandingly here. In order to keep the impact on the deliveries as low as possible, we offered our customers to build up buffer stock in Great Britain, in order to be able to help them through the potential cliff period in the beginning of January. This was also a service that yielded a great success. Delivery bottlenecks were avoided.

In this still quite current Corona pandemic, the cooperation between the on-site-representatives and Dorfner as reliable suppliers has proven itself to work very well. International business travel have been very difficult to undertake for more than one year. The service on-site is an important guarantor to keep the contacts with our customers on the highest possible level.

Currently interruptions in the supply chain are causing bottlenecks, for example with chemical pre-products and packaging. Here, a very close cooperation and adaption between the customers and the partner is of the essence as well in order to minimize the influence of very clearly prolonged service times.

The United Kingdom will remain a very important market for Dorfner. We want to keep up our high service level and even wish to expand this. Innoveo is and will remain a guarantor for this high service level in the UK.

Emel Jami / Harald Maul