Vaccination day on the Dorfner company premises

Vaccination day on the Dorfner company premises

Hand-in-hand with the company physician Dr. Pröls, the Works Council, Management, HR department and a dedicated Dorfner team organized a vaccination day to help fight the Covid epidemic.

The infection rates go up and down – the pandemic situation does not come to a standstill. Since 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has been a source of concern for our employees, at their workplaces as well as in their private lives.

This year, the longed-for vaccine was finally available to protect us from severe cases of COVID-19. After the prioritization of COVID-19 vaccines was lifted by the legislature in the spring and vaccinations were now also possible outside the vaccination centers, the Dorfner Works Council gave all employees the chance to get their shots without complicated registration. Organized in cooperation with our company physician Dr. Peter Pröls, the event took place on the Dorfner premises. With effective help from the HR department, all employees were provided with the relevant information. Those who opted for the vaccination received an appointment to get their COVID shot promptly from the company physician.

The Works Council once more thanks the Management, the HR department and the vaccination team under Dr. Pröls for the smooth implementation of the vaccination day.

We are already preparing the next Dorfner vaccination day and will keep the colleagues updated. If there is sufficient demand, flu shots will again be available on site at the earliest possible date.

Johann Scherer for the Works Council Committee)