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Dorfner and 20 Microns: New Joint Venture in India

Dorfner and 20 Microns Limited from India have signed an agreement to found a new joint venture with its headquarters in India. This is supposed to create a new combined company – pending permits by the respective authorities.

The goals of the cooperation are the development, the marketing and the sales of colored sand products in India and other developing markets in Asia and Africa. At first, this new joint venture will focus on the Indian colored sand business for industrial applications – examples are composite materials, floor coverings, grout and construction chemicals. They will import products from Hirschau as well as local products by 20 Microns. The new company will have a rounded product portfolio featuring the most modern technology as well as the highest quality and product standards of both partners.

Dorfner holds a 55 percent majority in this joint venture. The long-year Dorfner partner 20 Microns, India’s largest manufacturer of industrial minerals, special chemicals and functional additives, holds 45 percent of the company shares. The company management will consist of equal parts of two management and two non-management representatives of Dorfner and 20 Microns.

“The closer cooperation of Dorfner and 20 Microns is proof for the excellent cooperation and the mutual appreciation of both companies”, explains Mirko Mondan, CEO of Dorfner Holding GmbH & Co. KG. Both companies have been cooperating for a long time on different projects. Among other things, Dorfner is the main distributor for Kaolin products of the Indian manufacturer 20 Microns in Europe. “20 Microns’ expertise, combined with our technical expertise, global awareness and our access to excellent applications are a strong recipe for success,” Mondan continues.

Mirko Mondan