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Our anniversaries

This year we would like to thank 20 long-serving employees who have contributed to our success with their tireless personal commitment. Four employees celebrating anniversaries are at our sister company, Dorfner Analysenzentrum und Anlagenplanungsgesellschaft mbH.

At a festive event on November 6, 2019, we were able to honor nine employees celebrating 10 years at the company (Andreas Werner, Alexander Klier, Torsten Suess, Dennis Goetz, Karl-Heinz Sauer, Tobias Kraus, Petra Moniz-Furtado, Dr. Thomas Bach, Dominik Losch). Another nine employees can now look back on an impressive forty years of service (Juergen Wender, Gerlinde Siegert, Elfriede Graf, Josef Winkler, Klaus Tardel, Franz Haderer, Juergen Kuehnhardt, Reinhard Birner, Rainer Kunstmann). However, there are two employees who leave everyone else in their wake – they have now been at Dorfner for 45 years (Robert Dotzler, Franz Gruetzner).

At the evening celebration, Dr. Oetzel thanked the employees for their dedication and long-standing loyalty to Dorfner. The singer Mièl from Hirschau provided the event with a festive setting.

Petra Eichermüller