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From left to right: Anna Götz, Aydin Duygu, Emilio Morawiec, Anna Kummer

Start for our new apprentices

On 1st September 2021, our four apprentices Anna Götz and Anna Kummer (industrial management assistants) as well as Emilio Morawiec and Aydin Duygu (laboratory assistants) had their first day at Dorfner.

“After a warm welcome from our training supervisor, Ms. Moniz-Furtado, and the Managing Director, Mr. Mondan, we learned many interesting and exciting facts about Dorfner. Next, Dr. Bach showed us the ANZAPLAN offices and explained about the company’s role within the Dorfner Group. Following safety instructions by Ms. Gebhardt, we met Mr. Scherer, the Chairman of the Works Council. Then it was time for lunch, and we had the chance to let all the new impressions sink in. While we enjoyed our meal, Fritz Hofmann, the HR Manager of the company, joined us to present the company guidelines.

Afterwards, Mr Dolles took us on a thrilling tour of the underground mine so that we could see the origin of the Dorfner products for ourselves. The next item on the agenda was exciting as well: Dr. Ehrhardt gave us a tour of the factory premises, and we were allowed to ask her all the questions we could think of.

We had a highly educative and impressive start. We got a very good idea of the company and the versatile Dorfner solutions. Thank you so much for this wonderful first day. We can’t wait to start our training at Dorfner!“

Anna Götz und Anna Kummer