You are currently viewing ANZAPLAN: New facilities, even more possibilities!

ANZAPLAN: New facilities, even more possibilities!

Our newly designed and expanded laboratory now offers additional development opportunities for analysis and process development in ANZAPLAN. The modern, bright and open design of the laboratory rooms with glass walls and doors inspires employees and customers alike.

But not only has the laboratory facility given development a boost, our employees are also constantly expanding their fields of activity and knowledge.

Therefore, today we would like to briefly introduce you to two of our highly qualified and motivated employees from Analytics.

Ms. Katharina Regler is entrusted with various tasks in the wet chemical laboratory. The recovery of raw materials and types of rock such as lithium or rare earth minerals from all over the world, combined with new mineral parageneses, always poses a new challenge. In addition, the examination of environmental samples for harmful substances takes up a large part of routine activities. These tasks pose quite a challenge!

Alexander Voigt deals with trace element analysis, either on one of the ultra-modern ICP devices, by means of ion chromatography or by means of photometry. Day-to-day business includes the determination of impurities in drinking water and wastewater, the composition of glass, metallic and ceramic materials, as well as analysis for the process engineers at ANZAPLAN in conjunction with the development of highly specialized raw material projects.

The method developments that are carried out in coordination with the ANZAPLAN Engineering department are increasingly coming to the fore for Mr. Voigt and Mrs. Regler. A smooth interaction of all those involved from different disciplines is of the utmost importance in communication and implementation. This is exciting and always ensures variety in all analytical departments. For Mrs. Regler, her work provides variety and the opportunity to constantly learn new things. From her point of view, the familiar working atmosphere also characterizes ANZAPLAN and makes them an attractive employer.

Mr. Voigt appreciates the range of questions which is posed in the laboratory: “The work at ANZAPLAN is constantly developing and each new project brings new problems that need to be solved. Thanks to the wide range of analytical methods, the work is always varied.”

The newly designed ANZAPLAN laboratory is an important milestone for this. The hazardous substances laboratory, the development laboratory, the laboratory for structure and scanning electron microscopy, several specialized laboratories for the analysis, procedure and process development of highly pure, often strategic raw materials, support the international growth of ANZAPLAN and the quality and speed that we constantly demand of ourselves.

Dr. Sebastian Prinz